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13:14:04 17/02/2014
Our company was founded 2/17/1958 by James Buechel.
Happy 56th Birthday Rotary Products Inc!

Rotary Products Inc.
15:17:45 17/07/2013
Manufacturers are figuring out that their customers want products that are made in a way that is good for the planet, and if they do it right, it’s a lot cheaper for them too.
Companies Find Many Happy Returns in Green Manufacturing. By Sara Pearson Specter for MHI Solutions. There are many areas in which changes—small or large—can be made to boost a manufacturer's sustainability, including product design and packaging, facilities, materials, process, machinery, ...

Rotary Products Inc.
18:42:58 12/06/2013
Happy employees are productive employees – and they also may be safer, record fewer absences, have fewer work-related conflicts and more likely to remain with the company. Making workers happy, therefore, could pay off in some big ways. Follow these 15 tips to keep your work force happy.

Rotary Products Inc.
12:41:47 06/06/2013
Trucking continues to play a dominant role in freight transportation. Save time, energy and increase worker safety but installing the correct loading dock products for your application.
A new report by the American Trucking Association (ATA) titled American Trucking Trends 2013 , demonstrated that trucking continues ...

Rotary Products Inc.
15:09:58 30/05/2013
We received an interesting loading dock equipment question and wanted to share what was discovered. Some European brands are marketing their hydraulic pit levelers with double cylinders while most levelers used in North America have only one cylinder. They were asking if double cylinder models give any advantages. The answer is: The European models use two cylinders on the extreme outside width because they construct their pits with an opening underneath so they cannot put a cylinder in the middle. They tend to use two smaller cylinders instead of one larger one. For this reason, there is no need to use a two cylinder model unless you have to because of the way the pit is constructed. A hydraulic leveler with a single cylinder can be used all day every day with no problem so there is no reason for a second cylinder as far as how the leveler operates. Please share any additional input. Visit to learn more about various pit levelers for loading docks. Thanks!
Pit levelers offer a safe and dependable transiton of products between warehouse and truck. We offer mechanical, hydraulic, and air-powered pit levelers for all loading dock applications.

Rotary Products Inc.
15:42:43 23/05/2013

Rotary Products Inc.
18:40:04 07/05/2013
7 Keys to #LoadingDock #Safety
Having the right equipment can greatly increase the safety and functionality of your loading docks. Check the condition of your loading dock today and keep employees happy and healthy!
Yesterday we looked at ways to enhance shipping and receiving safety, particularly for the tasks of lifting and material handling and packing and stacking. Today we turn to loading docks and look at s...

Rotary Products Inc.
18:28:38 03/05/2013
Check out this old-fashioned style Flat Track #slidingdoorhardware from Rotary Products Inc.

Rotary Products Inc.
19:35:27 22/04/2013
When thinking about using re-manufacturing in you business environment, don't for get your loading docks! There are many changes at the loading dock that can add "like-new" condition characteristics to your existing equipment. Dock seal and truck shelter recovers are a great example of re-manufacturing at the loading dock. They save money and resources by recovering the lightly used wood, foam or fiberglass materials of your dock seals and truck shelters. If a new cover is all that's needed at your dock or if you have any questions, go green and save money by contacting our specialists today!  We can even make recovers for seals and shelters from other manufacturers.
In case anyone wants to get green at the loading dock I wanted to share a few additional ideas. We manufacture dock seals, truck shelters, curtain walls and strip doors which will all save energy by helping to maintain the environment inside a building when loading trucks and in other warehouse situations. We also offer dock bumpers made from recycled tires, environmentally friendly biodegradable hydraulic fluid on our loading dock lifts and more. If you are interested, check out Remember, if people take steps in their lives to be green daily, we can make a huge difference.

Happy Earth Day!
Extending the life of existing products through remanufacturing would reduce the amount of manufactured equipment subject to EPA standards and produce profit margins 50-100% higher than new products.

Rotary Products Inc.
13:50:09 20/02/2013
Check out this informative loading dock article featuring Gary Buechel of Rotary Products Inc.
As manufacturing companies find more and more in the way of technology improvements around material handling, the loading dock has not been ignored. This how-to gives manufacturers some tips on where ...

Rotary Products Inc.
15:58:16 23/10/2012

Rotary Products Inc.
12:37:53 23/10/2012
Gary Buechel's IDA Humanitarian Award for his work with CCI.

Rotary Products Inc.
10:52:11 23/10/2012
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